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The 9 Forks

Who are the 9 Forks for? Anyone who wants to discover the power they have to create change in their life!

The 9 Forks are for you if you suffer with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, unhealthy relationships, or some other problem that is keeping you from living your best life.

The 9 Forks are for anyone dealing with addictions. If you've tried other revovery programs that didn't work, it's time to try something new. 

What are the 9 Forks? Every day we come to different forks in our lives where we get to choose which way to go. At each fork we choose our 

Thoughts, Beliefs, and Feelings. We can choose to Let Go or to take Control.

We choose our Actions and our Focus. We can choose Connection and Change.

Every day you are making choices. 

Awareness of your choices allows you to make different ones when necessary.

Making different choices creates change.

YOU ultimately are the powerful force of change in your life!

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